Know where you stand

May 30, 2017

Gone are the days when you could let your super look after itself for most of your career, then give it a big boost in the years before retirement.

Mercer financial adviser Andrew George says changes set to take effect from 1 July mean Australians will need to take an active interest in their super and know where you stand from a much younger age.

“10 years ago concessional caps were $112,000 so you could really smash your super in the last few years of your working life; you can’t do that anymore,” he says. “The message from the government is that you need to start thinking about super earlier in your career.”

We've made it easy to take small steps earlier with Mercer eAdvice.

You can even update your super right there online from your account. Because everything you do, every detail, adds up in the end.

It's a complimentary service from Mercer Super and available wherever you can get online
Log in, and select eAdvice from the Tools menu.

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