Dialling down the pain

September 1, 2016

Rising phone usage creating a strain for users.

Australians hold more than 21 million mobile phone subscriptions and spend about 37 hours a month on smartphone apps and browsers, devouring social media, entertainment and gaming content.

According to Melbourne physiotherapist David Hall all this tech action could be a serious pain in the back for the nation.

Hall says the average head weighs between 4-5kg and when it’s tilted forward, added strain is placed on the trunk of the body.

“Once the head is tipped forward even slightly, the weight on the spine is dramatically increased, which means muscles cannot move and must work harder to maintain position,” he says.

Hall suggests holding yourself upright and your phone up high, leaning back in your chair, swapping arms regularly or even taking a break from the phone altogether.

“Keeping your head down all the time also means you miss out on good social interaction.”



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